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Recommendations for BC Wines Under $20

We can all use some affordable wine in our lives.

It’s convenient to have options when you’re in the mood for a tasty glass of wine that doesn’t hurt the wallet. Since BC produces wine with a focus on quality, not quantity, there are some good wines that can be found for under $20, especially white wines.

BC does struggle to compete in the under $20 category, but so do other famed wine growing regions such as Napa, Walla Walla and Willamette Valley. These regions are focused on quality, and it is evident in the wines.

Spring has arrived which means wineries are opening and so are the patios. Palates are shifting to summer sippers such as rosé and aromatic whites.

A recommendation I have is to explore rosé early in the season to discover which ones you enjoy most, and purchase enough to last you through the summer. It’s not uncommon for rosé to be the first wine to sell out at wineries, this way you won’t be disappointed.

Whenever possible, try to support local and purchase direct from the winery. The prices attached to the wines listed below are sourced from the winery website, unless otherwise stated.

While doing my research, I found many delicious, well-made wines that were just over $20, but for the purpose of this blog post I wanted to make sure I kept it under budget.

Without a doubt, there are good value wines to be found in the Okanagan, but you will have to do some research and be prepared to spend a few extra dollars when supporting local.

Now that the ’21 vintages are starting to be released and available on wine shelves, these are my recommendations when looking for budget-friendly, under $20 wines.

Bartier Bros. Rosé $18.99

Fern Walk Sauvignon Blanc $17.99 (BCL)

Fitzpatrick Family Vineyards Runabout White $17.50

Gehringer Brothers Private Reserve Pinot Gris $15.99

Noble Ridge Mingle $18.49

Poplar Grove Pinot Gris $19.91

Quails’ Gate Dry Riesling $18.99

Road 13 Honest John’s Rosé $19.99 (BCL)

Saintly The Good Rosé $18.99 (BCL)

See Ya Later Ranch Pinot Gris $17.99

Stoneboat Rose $19.99

SpearHead Pinot Gris $20.00

Wild Goose Autumn Gold $17.99


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