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Top Wineries to Visit in Okanagan Falls 2022

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Nestled between Skaha and Vaseux Lake, are over 15 wineries within the Okanagan Falls region. Some of the South Okanagan’s best kept wine secrets can be found here.

Many producers are clustered near each-other, perched on the top of rolling hills offering picturesque views from the tasting rooms.

Thanks to the southern location, the slightly warmer weather in Okanagan Falls allows this region to grow a wide range of red and white varietals, including some thicker skinned red grapes.

Have you ever tried Tempranillo? This Spanish grape can be found here. If you prefer white wines, everything from Pinot Gris, to Bacchus, to Sauvignon Blanc is available in this region. Including some that you might not have heard of such as Albariño, another delicious Spanish varietal.

There’s truly something for everyone along this little stretch of paradise.

The roads to navigate this area are windy and fun to drive. As you pass through, you will notice Vaseux lake which is a birdwatcher’s utopia. I recommend taking your time travelling through here. There’re many places along the highway to pull over and admire the natural beauty while listening to the songs of countless birds.

Over tens of thousands of years ago, the Okanagan Valley was carved out by a series of glaciers which has now left behind beautiful lakes and rich soil types.

“The Okanagan Falls soil types vary so dramatically that some vineyards grow fine Burgundy grapes, and others succeed with Alsace whites and still others with Bordeaux varieties. This is a wine tourists paradise, with every style of wine available, from sparkling to Icewine.” (The Okanagan Wine Tour Guide, p.12)

Elegant, high-quality wines can be found at one of the most photographed vineyards in the Okanagan Valley - Blue Mountain Vineyards. Here you will find outstanding wines, with Pinot Noir as their specialty varietal. This remarkable winery produces some of my favourite wines in the area. Everything in their portfolio is worthy of tasting which includes reds, whites, and sparkling. Blue Mountain is an estate winery which means they’re self-sufficient from their own vineyards and have owned the land since 1971.

Painted Rock produces ultra-premium wines that are composed with 100% estate grown fruit. The sleek, modern tasting room and patio boasts a million-dollar view overlooking Skaha Lake. Nothing but high-quality wines are found here, worthy of any collector’s cellar. I recommend adding the charcuterie and cheese plate to elevate the delectable flavours found in the wines. You will not want to rush your visit at Painted Rock.

Another favourite of mine in Okanagan Falls is Noble Ridge. They offer an excellent portfolio with a wide range of prices, and in my opinion, they have one of the best picnic areas in the Okanagan. This is a place I’d suggest planning at least an hour at. Be sure to taste their Meritage as it offers excellent value.

Pro-tip: Bring a picnic along with you (I usually have charcuterie ready to go in a cooler), there are plenty of tables available for use at Noble Ridge. Grab a bottle of your favourite wine from the tasting, head out to the picnic area and enjoy the peaceful serenity!

If you have a dog with you while touring this area, See Ya Later Ranch welcomes four-legged family members, with a “Barking Lot” for them to play in. The small golden dog with wings on the See Ya Later Ranch labels pays homage to Major Fraser’s beloved pets. This is also the highest-elevation vineyard in the South Okanagan.

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There are many wineries I haven’t had the chance to visit yet in Okanagan Falls. Referencing the wineries that I have visited, below is my list of recommendations. I’ve also included my favourite wines at each winery.

· Black Market Wine Co. (Merlot, Bacchus)

· Blue Mountain (Pinot Noir, Gold Label Brut)

· Bonamici Cellars (Belviaggio, Cabernet Franc)

· Noble Ridge (Reserve Meritage, Reserve Chardonnay)

· Painted Rock (Syrah, Red Icon)

· Pentâge Winery (Tempranillo, Hiatus Red)

· Stag's Hollow (Tempranillo, Albariño)

· Wild Goose (Autumn Gold, Meritage)

One of the great benefits of touring this wine region is that you can visit many high-quality wineries without having to travel far in between stops.

Food & Dining Suggestions:

Stop for ice cream or chocolate covered fruits at Tickleberrys. How does 72 flavours sound?

Pizza at Bullies Pizza

KJ Coffee Bar - Breakfast goods and coffee

Smoke & Oak Bistro at Wild Goose Vineyards (Southern US Style Barbecue)

Sonetto at Play Estate Winery (formal Italian restaurant)

Wine touring options

Vivid Tours – Half or full day option

Looking to book a stay in Okanagan Falls?

If you have any questions about Okanagan Falls, please feel free to send me a message.


Schreiner, John, and Luke Whittall. The Okanagan Wine Tour Guide. 6th ed., TouchWood Editions, 2020, p.12.


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