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Top BC Sparkling Wines for the Holiday Season 2023

As we welcome the chilly embrace of winter, there's no better way to warm the spirit and celebrate the season than with the effervescent charm of British Columbia's finest sparkling wines.

The unique terroir of British Columbia, with its diverse microclimates, imparts a distinct character to its sparkling wines. Cool temperatures and crisp mountain air provide the ideal conditions for cultivating the grapes that go into these effervescent delights. The result? Sparkling wines that reflect the purity of the fruit, offering a refreshing and vibrant taste experience.

Here are my top BC sparkling wines that I tasted this year:


·        Black Hills Sparkling Brut

·        Blue Mountain Gold Label Brut

·        Fitz Brut 2018

·        Maverick Ella Premier Cuvée Brut Rosé

·        Noble Ridge The One 2017

·        Phantom Creek Brut 2017

·        Road 13 Vineyards Sparkling Chenin Blanc 2018

·        Tantalus Blanc de Blancs 2020

·        Township 7 Polaris 2019


Cheers to a season filled with warmth, joy, and delightful BC sparkling wine!


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