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Top BC White Wines for Winter 2023

As the colder months have arrived, many people look to heartier and more full-bodied drinks to help them get through the winter season.

While red wines are often thought of as the go-to option for the winter months, white wines can also be a delicious and refreshing choice.

The trick is to not serve these wines overly chilled.

From roasted chicken to stews and creamy pasta dishes, certain white wines can be a great match for many of the hearty meals that are popular during the colder months.

Whether you're sipping a glass on its own or pairing it with a cozy meal, a good white wine can be the perfect way to brighten up even the coldest of days.

Look for white grape varieties like Chardonnay, Viognier, and Marsanne for a wine with some weight.

Here are some of my top BC white wine recommendations to enjoy this winter.


· Black Hills 2020 Chardonnay ($34.99)

· Checkmate Artisanal Winery 2019 Fool’s Mate Chardonnay ($95.00)

· Little Engine 2019 Gold Chardonnay ($62.00)

· Painted Rock 2021 Chardonnay ($44.99)

· SpearHead 2020 Saddle Block Chardonnay ($30.00)


· Four Shadows 2021 Riesling Classic ($23.99)

· SpearHead 2020 Riesling ($23.00)

· Synchromesh 2021 Riesling ($26.98)

· Tantalus 2019 Old Vines Riesling ($39.00)

· Winemaker’s CUT 2020 Bohemian Riesling ($24.00)


· Black Hills 2020 Roussanne ($29.99)

· Kismet 2020 Viognier Roussanne Marsanne Reserve ($25.99)

· Le Vieux Pin 2021 Ava ($34.99)

· Moon Curser 2021 Roussanne Marsanne ($26.99)

· Terravista 2020 Figaro ($33.00)


· Blue Mountain Gold Label Brut ($27.90)

· Fitz 2018 Brut ($33.50)

· Noble Ridge 2017 The One ($39.99)

· Tantalus 2019 Blanc de Blancs ($31.30)

· Township 7 2019 Seven Stars Polaris ($39.97)


· Black Hills 2021 Viognier ($29.99)

· Da Silva 2021 Viognier ($30.00)

· Lariana 2021 Viognier ($25.13)

· Poplar Grove 2021 Viognier ($25.13)

· Terravista 2021 Viognier ($24.00)

I hope this list has inspired you to explore some new BC white wines this winter. If you have any questions about the wines, please send me an email!


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